Workplace Counselling

Work makes up a large part of our lives, so having a good balance between happy self and happy work life is important and beneficial to both employer and employee. Counselling can be a short term investment by the employer to gain long term benefits for the employee.

At times we can all experience stress, anxiety, problematic relationships, conflicts, challenges and trauma that can affect us at work. Counselling provides a safe space to explore these, allowing the employee to release emotional burdens. A financial investment in counselling from employers can leave to a better quality of life for an employee promoting greater productivity and efficiency.

Workplace counselling is often more short term work (approx.’ 6 weeks). If further support is required onward referrals to appropriate agencies can be made.

Peer Support Training/Counselling Skills for non-counselling staff

Counselling Skills Training in a work environment will help employees and staff overcome many everyday pressures.

Counselling Skills for Non-Counsellors Training can provide managers, supervisors and staff with:

  • Improved active listening skills and effective language patterns.
  • Define problems and work to defuse anger, frustration.
  • The ability to identify limitations, and to work with others at resolving difficulties.
  • The skills to minimize stress in the workplace.

I offer training tailored to organisational needs.
Negotiable rates and block bookings on request.