What am I paying for? What clients are paying their therapist for.

What am I paying for? What clients are paying their therapist for.

I often think of booking holistic treatments, massages, Indian head massage, manicures… the list goes on. I get very close and then think “why am I paying for this, do I really benefit anymore?”.

Counselling can be a similar conundrum. It’s hard to know what you’re paying for week after week when you see nothing tangible, after all there is no pretty nail polish colour for all to compliment you.

Although there may be no carrier bag full of goodies that you and the rest of the bus passengers can see to take away from your sessions there is a lot of content and “products” that you are paying for.

Counselling requires your investment. This is embodied physically by you turning up, bringing your diary and committing to sessions, emotionally by building an open and trusting relationship with your therapist and financially by knowing that every penny invests in your future although monetary returns are unlikely on this particular investment the emotional strength generated can be the foundations of a securer base that will carry you through the future complexities.

Investing in your self can be expensive; therapy is no different than visiting a personal trainer to shave off those extra few pounds. Instead of seeing fat, try seeing pain, anger and frustrations. Autonomy is bought with a greater understanding of ourselves, knowing what we want and feeling ok to control is freedom.

Taking risks and allowing your therapist to hear you, share moments from your life to build an open and compassionate space that is bounded by a trusting and real relationship that mirrors our roles in life can be the attention we desire and creates the space to talk safely.

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