Tips for Counselling Based Interviews

The anticipation before any interview can be stressful.

Counselling interviews though are not like standard business interviews where your main goal is to sell yourself.

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Here are 5 ways to impress using your emotions

    1. Get to know the ethos of the organisation – you can guarantee the interviewers love what they do, they believe in the organisation and are passionate about their values and beliefs – swot up on these before you go and repeat them within your information.
    2. Be honest – yes we all aspire to be non-judgmental, but this is of course complete rubbish! We all judge in some ways, be honest and show how you still can work openly by managing your own beliefs e.g. you can be a Christian but also know that other shave other beliefs and respect them for this – you don’t have to say you agree with it.
    3. Use the person specification – use the models used by that agency within your own examples of your own work. Listing your skills is worth nothing if you cant demonstrate how you’ve done X,Y, Z.
    4. Act normal – i.e. be you! You won’t be able to keep up a pretence, counselling based interviews often require you to talk through difficult experiences in your life, if you fake it they’ll know because it will lack depth of emotion.
    5. Think analytically – think about the here and now, how would you do things differently, show how have learnt from experiences.

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