Starting counselling? Not sure what’s going to happen?
    Here are 5 key things to note

1. Ask your counsellor about themselves – where did you train, what type of approach do you follow, where else do you work?

2. How much is this and can I have a discount? Most counsellors do bulk bookings, if you like your counsellor and feel that you could work with them, then bulk book. This might help motivate to keep coming when it gets tough too.

3. Tell your counsellor how you feel about them. Be honest if they can’t take it, rubbish it or become defensive it’s their issue and not yours! It’s all about the counselling relationship between the two of you and they should be allowing you to express this yourself to them. They should be actively encouraging it.

4. Read the contract! Very important in all walks of life and counselling is no different, it lets you know your rights as a client and your responsibilities. – remember it’s a two way relationship.

5. Most important, ask the counsellor if they feel able to work with the issues you’ve presented. We don’t all deal with all things and if they tell you they do, question it. Ask about previous experience they might have and what their initial thoughts are, remember they are not the expert on you, YOU ARE.


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