Concealer for Internal Blemishes

I spend a lot of my free time watching beauty Vlogs, ViviannaDoesMakeup, Lilly Pebbles, Fleur De Force are just a few that I daily log on to check out their opinions about beauty. I do wonder what the inordinate amount of money I spend on beauty is for, do I do this to make myself attractive to others or I am trying to raise my own self esteem?

Make up can be a way to cover external and internal blemishes; events in our lives help us to put a value on our self-esteem, negative/traumatic experiences lower our self-esteem and these can be reinforced by our own perceptions of what others think about us, perpetuating then a cycle of negative thoughts about ourselves, from our selves.

We often form these blunt negative thought patterns early on i.e. when we look in the mirror we judge what we see from the decision we made as a child rather than confronting the adult we see from our adult self.

The journey to adult acceptance that these thoughts may be inaccurate can be turbulent and hard to steer through. Make up can provide us with the daily armour we think we need to face the world – but maybe we are kidding ourselves and it actually provides us with a shield from our sharp tongued  inner child self. Our outdated beliefs about ourselves stop us from moving forward in the present and enjoying who we really are by putting in place rules to perpetuate the automatic negative thoughts we have about ourselves e.g.

I’m ugly, so no one will be attracted to me – I must always have a full face on to not offend others”.

We know that positive reinforcement can chip away at some of this negativity, so maybe when wiping away the days make up, we make an adult decision to look at ourselves in the mirror and appreciate the ADULT looking back us?

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