Assertive Forgiveness

Following on from the previous pasts about what anger is, it’s OK to deal with anger in an assertive manner. The way we react during an angry moment is key to how we might be perceived by others.

It’s OK to tackle things we don’t agree with and be assertive. Assertiveness can really boost our self esteem. A starting point is to be direct – express your anger to the person who has made you angry and tell them directly what you’re angry about. Speak of yourself, never use “you made me…”, be honourable and clear not bullish or abusive, focus and stand your ground – repeating your point until it’s heard but be clear about what this issue is.

Yes confrontation is uncomfortable and most of us don’t enjoy giving negative feedback but we all benefit from constructive criticism. Be courageous in this move and take a calculated risk. Think through what you might say and how it might be received, practice with another who will give you honest feedback and possibly more diplomatic ways to work with.

Be passionate and caring but most importantly FORGIVE. Give others the benefit of the doubt, work towards change and moving forward, hear other outs, wipe the slate clean and remind yourself that we all make mistakes – forgive and grow.


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